Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hi and welcome to my blog.  I'm new to blogging so please bear with me whilst I get to grips with this exciting technology!

The summer is fast coming to an end and next week will find me back in France, working as an English Language Coach which has prompted me to think about where do I go from here and what can I do differently; a sort of a work health check.

I love the English language and also working with you guys out there (bit of Americanism there) and I would like to know how do you like to learn? What works for you? There is nothing worse than being interested in something only to find the teacher/coach can not impart knowledge in an exciting and engaging way.

Language is such a complex part of our life so how do we know what we are saying is what is being received?, such a profound question so early in the day, (well that depends on the part of the world you are in).

So there you have it; two questions for you to ponder on, on this my debut blog publication.

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Next time we look at some brilliant but rather unusual English words that will FLUMMOX your friends.

Have a good day (another Americanism) or

Bye for now (very English)

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